Thursday, November 19, 2015

State Theatres, LLC

Thanks for checking out our new CLIENT SUCCESS BLOG with Doug Collins Productions and

One of our clients is State Theatres, LLC based in Platteville, Wisconsin. State Theatres own a chain of movie theatres located thru-out Southwest Wisconsin. They include The Millennium Cinema and The Avalon Cinema in Platteville, WI...The Blaine Theatre in Boscobel, WI...The Dodge Theatre in Dodgeville, WI...and The Grantland Theatre in Lancaster, WI

They pride themselves in being your "Hometown Theatre" offering movies that everyone will enjoy and along with that, at a great price. Compare the prices to theatres in Dubuque and you will be surprised. State Theatres also provides great customer service and a great concession selection.Who doesn't enjoy fresh popcorn!!!

Doug Collins Productions is proud of the association we have with State Theatres. Doug Collins has been the "voice" of the State Theatres Movie Phones for a number of years now. DCP also is the creator and maintainer of the State Theatres' social media pages. We have enjoyed great success in developing this for them and their different theatres. Some bright accomplishments include a recent post on one of their pages that drew over 32,000 views.And our pride and joy is the Facebook page for The Blaine Theatre in Boscobel. We have over 2200 friends, and this is a town of only 3300!! Thank you Boscobel!!!

Thanks to State Theatres owners and management for using Doug Collins Productions in their marketing or email today lets get you on the winning track too

Below we have added the links to the State Theatres website, where you will find all the theatres information and more

We have also added banners with the phone numbers to call the Movie Phones to get the latest up-to-date show times at each theatre.